Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson’s First College Football Game (Video)

Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson’s First College Football Game (Video)

Long before Phil Robertson started making duck calls he played football and he played very well. He was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech, ahead of NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw.

Here is an ESPN article about how good he was at football. phil robertson p2 Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertsons First College Football Game (Video)

Now of course he stars on the A&E hit show Duck Dynasty with his family. He gave up football and handed the starting job to Bradshaw. Who knows what could have happened if he would ave stayed with football.

Here is his first college football game. The video was released Monday, Nov. 11th. The game was in Rice Stadium in Sept. of 1965.

Via Rice SID:

For the night, he rushed twice and gained three yards and completed three of five passes for 37 yards, with a long completion of 22. Rice won the game 14-0.

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