Gorgui Dieng Is Becoming An Impact Player For Minnesota Timberwolves

Gorgui Dieng Is Becoming An Impact Player For Minnesota Timberwolves

It was a slow start for rookie Gorgui Dieng, but he is now becoming a big part of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He has had five double-doubles in the past six games. Wednesday night he recorded another with 15 points and 15 rebounds against the Atlanta Hawks. He also added one steal, two assists and one block in 41 minutes.

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It wasn’t too long ago the former Louisville Cardinals big man was scoring in the opponent’s basket. Now Dieng is becoming a very good player in the NBA.

Last year around this time there were writers and analysts who thought Dieng would not do too well in the league. It is great to see him prove them wrong.


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  • Dooly

    I smell trades in the summer now that Dieng is a trad-able chip, or Nickola instead. I prefer trading Nickola to get other missing pieces…first to clear up some salary cap (Dieng rooky contract is a lot cheaper), second Dieng is a shot blocker – rim protector and Nickola is not.

  • Ken Blair

    As a U of L grad, it’s nice to see Gorgui do well!

    • Jon Hancock

      I have never heard anything negative about Gorgui, that is saying a lot.

      • Ken Blair

        And from what I understand you probably never will. He’s a stand-up kid with a heck of a work ethic. Last night with Pekovic back in the starting line-up, Gorgui played less than a half and was one rebound from having another double double. I almost expect them to get him some playing time at power forward to see what he can do with both he and Pekovic on the floor.

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