Kentucky vs. Michigan State Game Odds

Kentucky vs. Michigan State Game Odds

Top ranked Kentucky will fave No.2 Michigan State Tuesday night in what should be an amazing game. Coach Izzo vs. Coach Calipari, can you think of a better game in the first week of the season?

I would check the lines tomorrow, will likely change by morning.

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  • Jim Marcum

    Lots of talent on the floor both teams. Kentucky is so young a few months ago they were playing high school ball now they are walking out virtually against the team that was runner-up last year. If Kentucky does not get rattled by Mich. States great skill set and Coach Cal has had time to teach just enough team play and defense it could be very very close. If Kentucky gets shook early and beaten bad a few times they might hang their heads and doubt themselves and State could blow them out. Kentucky is bigger than Mich. State, much bigger. If Kentucky smells Mich. State going up tempo and beating them the length of the court they will go post and rough ball. Grind out every basket and fast break when it’s there. Kentucky could win this ball game but I have to give odds on to Mich State because they have no freshman and the team was a complete and accomplished team last year. It will be a dog fight though. For Kentucky to win they need the sophomores Cauley-Stein and Poythress to step up and lead. I have no doubt that Randle will not show up if he comes in a big way with something to prove the Hairstons love completion and James Young has ice water in his veins Kentucky could take Mich. State to the cleaners. If that would happen and Kentucky would show they are that far along already by beating Mich. State bad college basketball had better circle the wagons because Kentucky will be headed for an undefeated cake walk.

  • Jim Marcum

    Kentucky fought back that’s a big plus in the heart of this team. Kentucky as noted below need defensive skills and half court offensive playing time. By keeping this game within a bucket I think Michigan State will not want to face Kentucky come March 2014. Kentucky has a lot of improvement room and some super individual talent. Randle is a beast.

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