Rick Pitino, Louisville Will Not Shave Until They Lose

Rick Pitino, Louisville Will Not Shave Until They Lose

Apparently waiting around for two days to play a game is dangerous. Rick Pitino and the Louisville basketball team have decided not to shave until their next loss. Louisville plays Rutgers at home Sunday, so it should go past that for sure.

Pitino told Bob Valvano after the game, via WDRB.com,

“I wanted to let them have some fun,” Pitino said. “I said look guys, when we were on our run last year, Luke grew a beard, and I’ve never done that, let’s see how many colors I can get on my face and let’s all grow a beard until we lose. And everybody’s doing it right now. Mine is coming in gray, I don’t like that. What is that thing called, Hair for Men? I may have to get some of that.  … I hope I am stuck with this. I’d love to have this like last year. I’ll grow it down to my knees if we just keep winning.”

This is gonna be a fun story to watch.

Last year Pitino told his players that if they win the national championship he will get a tattoo, which he did. A bearded Pitino is what the people want.

Which type of beard should they try?

beardddd Rick Pitino, Louisville Will Not Shave Until They Lose


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