Russ Smith Is Officially A Louisville Legend

Russ Smith Is Officially A Louisville Legend

If there was any questions of what Russ Smith’s legacy would be at the University of Louisville, the 6’0″ senior answered those questions and then some against Houston Friday night in the AAC tournament. He not only scored a career high of 42 points, but he also made the most points in a game in Louisville postseason history.  He was only three points away from Wes Unseld’s all-time points in a game.

He scored 27 of his points in the first-half. Smith also added three rebounds, three assists and a steal.

Russ Smith is now amongst names like Milt Wagner, Wes Unseld and Darrell Griffith when it comes to the Louisville’s history books and none of those players went to two straight final fours and then won a National Champioship.

See where Russ Smith is in Louisville’s history books at

Now Russ Smith is officially a Louisville legend. Yes, the ridiculous and erratic guard from Brooklyn is a legend. The player who almost left for Manhattan, the player who almost left after his junior year for the NBA. That Russ Smith will have his number honored very soon.

The amazing thing is this season is not over yet. Smith has a chance to add another conference championship and then anything that is done in the NCAA Tournament is just icing on the cake.

Louisville fans will get to tell the stories of the waffle eating, Pitino teasing, high scoring Russ Smith for years to come. When they do they will say, “He was a legend.”


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