Seneca’s Lloyd Tubman To Announce Decision Wednesday

Seneca’s Lloyd Tubman To Announce Decision Wednesday

Seneca’s Lloyd Tubman is currently committed to Penn State and has been since  the 11th of last month. But there is still a chance he may sign with someone else. Nebraska, Penn State, Kentucky and Louisville are in the mix apparently.

He will announce his decision this Wednesday at 9am.

At 6’5″, 235 lbs., Tubman is physically able to play in any conference. He is considered the 24th-best weak-side defensive end in the 2014 class by has him as their 101st-best defensive end in his class. 

He was a Vandy commit, but switched to Penn State when James Franklin left. He was also committed to Western Kentucky for a bit last year, so Petrino and him have somewhat of a relationship.


  • Proud American

    He seems very immature and can’t make up his mind. Nebraska is no longer interested in him. It’s between UK and PSU, and I’d say he has chosen UK.

    • Jon Hancock

      Seems like he will likely switch to Kentucky. Although things happen fast in football recruiting.

      • allucky66

        Flipping is his right,but he also has a responsibility to himself if not the institution he reneged his commitment, to inform them and allow them enough time to replace his scholarship. Again,hopefully he has already given Coach Franklin a heads up.

  • allucky66

    Already committed to Penn State,regardless of being a soft or solid verbal,if he has to wait until the final minute to announce his decision,I’d recind his scholarship immediately and open it up for a more decisive recruit. The youngster has the right to choose where he wants to spend the next four years,but should also have the decency to avoid sandbagging the institution who committed to him.

  • tenacean

    Lot’s of issues here. I have no issue with flipping but I do have an issue of using a verbal as a placeholder at any institution. At this late juncture…if you’re pulling out of a commitment…then please take PSU completely out of the picture. The only reason a run of the mill, 3 star recruit pulls out to have a PR event at home is to appease the local crowd by selecting a local school. I hope this kid informed JK of his true intentions so he wouldn’t “sandbag” PSU…but…if I was JK…I’d officially pull the offer and open up a scholarship. Everybody…even a 5 star recruit…(and most especially a 3 star recruit)…is expendable. The one thing you learn about PSU (football culture first??) crowd…is that they’d rather go 8-3 or 7-4 and graduate players a high number of players who WANT to be at PSU and play with max team effort (see Mauti)…and then have a great season every 3 or 4 years…than bring in selfish players. Just sayin’.

    • allucky66

      Tenacean! You make a good point regarding Tubman scheduling his announcement at home in the Blue Grass of Kentucky and reiterate my thoughts on the sandbagging issue. The kid would have quite ‘pair’ declaring his love for Penn State at that venue. Come to think of it,this should be enough to pull Tubman’s scholarship immediately and swiftly move in another direction. Again,hopefully the kid extended Coach Franklin the courtesy of a heads up, displaying the character a coach worth his weight would consider an asset.

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